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Call for Nominations

Election time is coming and we need good people from around the state to continue the tradition of dedication and commitment set by current and past officers and board members. Become involved; submit a nomination now.

The Nomination Committee of the TJA will be selecting a slate of candidates for the following positions:

The person elected will serve progressively through the vice presidential chairs to become your president. Give some serious thought to this nomination and present yourself, or someone else, to the Nomination Committee. The eligibility for this elected office is contingent upon active “professional” membership in good standing with the Association for a period of one year prior to election. The member must have served at least one year on the Board of Directors in order to be eligible for this position. The member elected will be required to attend approximately four meetings per year.

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate records of all financial dealings of the TJA. This position requires not only Board meeting attendance but to otherwise be available for audit, tax, and routine payment purposes. This person should possess financial acumen and have a thorough working knowledge of the Association. They serve on the Executive Committee in addition to the Finance Committee. The member must have completed at least one full year of service on the Board of Directors to be eligible for this position. Members elected to this position shall serve a three-year term in office.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Two Positions Available
The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Association. The President shall be the presiding officer at all board meetings. The Board shall be empowered to authorize expenditures for the general business of the Association, authorize additional expenditures, and set appropriate charges. The Board may enter into any agreement or contract with other personnel or organizations for the advancement of the Association. Eligibility for this elected office is contingent upon active “professional” membership in good standing with the Association for a period of one year prior to election. Members elected to this position shall serve a three year term in office.

    Nominations with an attached resume, picture, and letter of endorsement from the agency head are to be returned to:

    TJA Headquarters
    Attn: Sharese Hurst
    Box 2296
    Huntsville, TX 77341-2296.

    All packets will be sent to the Nomination Committee Chair for verification of eligibility and distribution to committee members.

    Nominations must be received by March 1, 2021.
    Nominations received after the deadline cannot be considered.

    Guidelines for nominations

    • Individuals must be professional members in good standing as specified in the by-laws at the time of nomination.
    • Nominating Committee members shall not be considered for office.
    • Only hard copies of nominations will be considered. Self-nominations are acceptable.
    • Office being sought shall be identified in the nomination.
    • Endorsement of the affected agency head must accompany the nomination. Nominations lacking the agency head’s endorsement will not be considered for office.
    • Elections shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of the by-laws.

    All nominations shall contain the following for consideration:

    • Full name
    • current occupation and official title
    • business address and phone number
    • a brief biographical sketch (not to exceed 150 words)
    • a letter of endorsement from the agency head, and;
    • a picture (please send in JPEG format). The picture will be included on election materials.

    Successful nominees should have the support of their Sheriff because the positions require significant time and travel away from the office. The duties may include teaching throughout the State, conference preparation, speaker introduction and class moderation, registration, reconciliation of monies, and inventory. If you possess the skillset, knowledge, dedication and commitment to service, TJA is looking for you. The rewards are great and the benefits are many. Be an integral part of an Association whose mission is advancing the professional career of corrections.


    Becky Caffey — 1st Vice President, TJA
    Brown County
    (325) 641-2202
    Email Becky

    Edwardo Jackson — 2nd Vice President, TJA
    Travis County
    (512) 854-5214
    Email Edwardo

    Les Karnes — Member at Large
    Brown County

    Kathleen Pokluda
    Williamson County

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