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Why should I join the Texas Jail Association? What are the benefits?
TJA offers numerous benefits to its members. The member is offered annual training with the latest national, state, and local corrections information. They are offered regional training and development seminars as well as State Legislative updates and input. TJA gives its members an opportunity to share ideas and network with other corrections professionals. TJA also produces a newsletter, Key Issues, covering important developments in the correctional industry.

What should I expect to see or gain from attending the Annual Conference?
TJA's Annual Training Conference, now held each year in Austin, focuses on professional training for its members. Several of the many topics covered during the three day session are Texas Commission on Jail Standards Updates, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Updates, Legal Issues for Jails, Texas Legislative Updates, Jail Security Issues, and much more. Regional training is proved by the association on several occasions throughout the state. Participants receive a certificate of completion for each training program, as well as TCOLE credit. In an effort to provide information to jail staff that are not able to attend the annual Training Conference, TJA is committed to providing the latest and most up to date information.


Membership Brochure

(updated 2018)


Professional Member (voting member: $30)
Personnel working at or in support of a Texas county jail as defined by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

Associate Member (non-voting member: $30)
Active or retired law enforcement personnel, including federal, state, and local entities working with or in support of Texas county or city jails.

Lifetime Member (voting member: $300)
Any professional member who has elected to purchase a membership equivalent to (10) years of the annual dues based on the current fee schedule in one lump sum.

Business Member (non-voting member: $100)
Any business desiring to show support to the Texas Jail Association's efforts and goals.

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